Migrating your Website to HTTPS – the why and the how to getting it right the first time.

This presentation will focus on providing attendees with the information and step by step process needed to migrate their websites to HTTPS with an SSL certificate. It will cover why HTTPS is becoming essential, how to choose the appropriate SSL certificate (free or paid), and how to adjust the website to work effectively under SSL.

We’ll discuss the actual code and configuration changes, and in particular we’ll also discuss the additional steps necessary to insure not only the functionality, but the critical SEO and marketing values of the site are preserved throughout the migration – essential steps that many often miss. We’ll also go over the steps necessary to follow up on the migration to insure everything is working as it should.

The majority of the talk will be geared to the understanding level of general users, but even experienced devs will discover critical information they were likely unaware of when it comes to HTTPS migrations. The end result will be a step-by-step implementation plan that even less experienced users will be comfortable with.

Slides: https://www.slideshare.net/thompsonpaul/migrating-yuor-wordpress-site-to-https-getting-it-right-the-first-time-word-camp-yyc-2017