Proper Planning Process Presented

Alliteration aside, every day I see a lack of planning prevent ‘good’ websites from being truly ‘great’. While everyone correctly assumes planning starts at the beginning, you would be amazed how many people start designing, building, installing plugins… just kind of ‘making up a plan as the project goes’.

I have seen this in everything from people just starting out, to larger companies who should know what they are doing.

This talk is for businesses that use WordPress, professionals that help people succeed with WordPress, or anyone who just wants a better idea about how to approach a project so they can maximize success.

Key takeaways include:

  • An understanding of planning a successful site at a high level.
  • Why you should start with narrative, and map out from there.
  • How to build value proposition into your project from the beginning.
  • How making plans based around business/site goals is key (and why).

Video & resources:


Author: Michael Tighe

Co-founder of Solid, a marketing firm specializing in helping small & medium sized businesses reach their full online potential.