Sponsor Spotlight: Abtek Web Design

With Love from Abtek To The WordPress Community That Started Us!(Guest Post, Bruno Steppuhn, Digital Marketing Strategist in YYC)

It was in 2009 when Re Carlson, founder of Abtek Web Design, attended his first WordCamp in Phoenix, Arizona USA. The spark that was lit from his discovery of the powerful open source web platform called WordPress was the catalyst to Re’s passion for the web and ultimately what drove him to become a small business owner and an entrepreneur.

Like many grassroots organizations, the Abtek Web Design company, was conceived from a group of passionate individuals belonging to a particular community. It was a serendipitous carpool to the 2013 WordCamp Edmonton, Alberta event that brought the Abtek team together to hang their shingle as the Calgary based WordPress centric digital marketing agency.

Today, Abtek has grown to be known as the WordPress experts both in the Calgary area, and across North America. As of May 2017, Abtek has launched more than 220 WordPress based websites. “When I get the chance to sit in front of customer and they tell me about their business and what they want to do on the web, lightbulbs go off and I start thinking about how I can put WordPress and it’s many plugins together to help them achieve their goals!” Re iterates. “It can be such a powerful tool and it gets me so excited when I think about the possibilities,” he continues. Abtek continues to utilize WordPress as it’s web marketing platform of choice and the team enjoys the new challenges that can come from the software. “If we haven’t done it before, we want to do it; and if it doesn’t exist in WordPress yet, we want to create it.” states the company’s founder.

As Abtek’s leader, Re has taken his experience and passion of the WordPress platform to become the organizer and operator of the YYC WordPress Meetup since 2013. “It’s always amazing to see how many people are so interested in coming together to work on stuff. I’ve never seen that in a community before and it’s very encouraging,” Re convey’s.

In 2015, Re took his fandom for WordPress to new levels when he led Abtek to sponsor WordCamp YYC and joined as an organizer. “It’s our way of giving back our 5% back to the community that gave us our start. I love WordPress and am truly a gigantic WordPress fanboy,” he affirms.

Abtek’s success can only be attributed to one thing, community. Their contribution to WordCamp is just a small token of their appreciation and a vehicle to inspire other web creatives harness the power that WordPress can offer. “We have been a sponsor for the last three years. We want to continue a tradition of helping others learn the WordPress platform and the potential that it can provide their creativity and business,” concludes Abtek’s founder.

About Abtek Web Design:
Abtek Web Design, based in Calgary, Alberta Canada has been providing WordPress expertise, web design, and marketing services to small and medium sized businesses across Canada and the USA since 2013.

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